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Frank Ceballos Founder/CEO

Frank has over eight years of law enforcement experience. He began his career in law enforcement in October 2009 as Reserve Officer with the Arizona State Capitol Police after completing the Academy at Chandler – Gilbert Community College. In June of 2010, Frank was given the opportunity to become a full-time Police Officer with the Arizona State Capitol Police.

In February of 2012, Frank was selected to become the Administrative Trooper for the Capitol District after the merger with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Frank was selected for this position for many reasons. Mainly due to the fact that he had a 15 year career in Grocery Retail Management and had previous experience with mergers. Frank was quickly tasked with important projects. One of which was putting together a training program to teach state employees how to increase their chances of surviving an active shooter incident.

In over three years Frank taught well over 5,000 state employees and was invited to the 2015 Judges Judicial Conference to present his program to over 150 judges. During Frank’s career in law enforcement he became an Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training General Instructor, Arizona Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO). Frank has completed the Arizona State University Certified Public Manager Course (CPM), Advanced Supervision for the Law Enforcement Leader and Arizona Department of Public Safety Leaders in Training (LIT).

Frank is married to his beautiful wife Luz. They have been together since 2008 and have a wonderful daughter named Jasmine. Frank also has two older daughters named Catherine and Abigail. Frank loves spending time with his family and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

David Watson Director of Operations

David has over 12 years of law enforcement experience as an officer.  He began his career in law enforcement in May of 2006 as a police officer cadet with the Northern Arizona University Police Department.  David lateraled to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) in January of 2008.  David has worked in many different areas while with AZDPS, including patrol, SWAT Negotiations, administration, and currently I.T. help desk.

David has a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology from Northern Arizona University.  David has attended many different training courses while employed with AZDPS, including Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO), General Instructor, Active Shooter, Field Training Instructor, Basic Negotiations, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety Leaders in Training (LIT).

David has taught hundreds of classes and rolled out many new projects to the Department of Public Safety.  One of which was the training of all Highway Patrol Troopers of AZDPS the Arizona Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS).  TraCS is the software all Troopers use when writing tickets, warnings, collision, or most documents.  This entailed writing a lesson plan, installing and configuring each computer, and teaching all Troopers how to use the program.

David has been married to his beautiful wife Sherrie since May 2006.  They have two wonderful boys named Brayden and Drew.  They love to go on family vacations, especially cruises and enjoy the wildness of having two boys.