AZREACT provides training that is flexible and adaptable to all clientele. Utilizing your specific needs to tailor a training and learning environment specifically for your company.

Course One: Resolving Conflict This course is going to challenge the way your employees currently feel, handle, and think about conflict. We are going to show them a path relating to the conflict that they have never thought of before. At the end of this course your employees will be equipped with awareness on:

  • What is Conflict?
  • Their beliefs about conflict
  • Their Conflict management style 
  • Understanding their hot buttons
  • The importance of Active Listening 
  • Tips on how to de-escalate uncomfortable situations

Providing this training to your employees will reduce unnecessary turnover, enhance performance, and improve workplace communication. 

Course Two: FLASHPOINT: De-Escalating and Preventing Violence in the Workplace. Research shows that over 2 million people are affected each year by violent victimization in the workplace at a cost of over 100 billion dollars to U.S. corporations annually.  Violence, however, is almost always evolutionary with warning signs along the way.  Employees are equipped to:

  • Understand what Workplace Violence is
  • Recognize Behaviors of Concern before violence occurs
  • Understand how to report concerns once they are observed
  • Recognize indicators that a co-worker might be involved in a Domestic or Intimate Partner violence relationship…and what to do about it
  • Understand key strategies for De-escalating tense situations in the workplace

Course Three: Shots Fired: How to Survive an Active Shooter: Participants will learn proven techniques, stats from the FBI, and different methods to survive an active shooter. This course is taught by professional, proven, and well-qualified instructors.  At the end of the lecture, participants will have been taught the survival mindset, the differences between an active shooter and hostage situation, practices of surviving an active shooter versus a hostage situation, how to interact with law enforcement during an active shooter incident, recognizing pre-incident indicators, and identify preventative measures to avert violence.