South Mountain Chamber of Commerce 6/7/2018

Situational Awareness


“Very Very Helpful, could save lives”

Arizona Industrial Commission 8/1/2018

Flash Point: De-Escalating & Preventing Violence in the Workplace

“Very Helpful information”

“This type of training should be used in schools, including elementary, High School & all types of colleges.”

“Frank & David were great. Very Knowledgeable, Frank gave a lot of examples to help illustrate points and introduce a lot of great points in covering materials in class.”

“Awesome, Very much needed for work, home & all environments”

“Very Knowledgeable and great information.”

Express Employment Professionals Phoenix 10/12/2018

Thank you for your excellent presentation today!

I know I & my entire team came away feeling more confident in how to handle De-Escalation of upset associates.

We plan to practice your tips and also evaluate each situation afterwards to ensure constant improvement.

Thank you again!