Government Agencies Insights: Learn to Improve Workplace Communication.

AZREACT provides conflict resolution training and workplace violence training to government agencies. The goal of AZREACT is to equip your employees with the necessary skills to handle conflict when it arises and stop violence from occurring in your workplace.

AZREACT courses are flexible and adaptable to all clientele. Utilizing your specific needs to tailor a training and learning environment specifically for your company. We get to know your people, providing them with the best material to understand the importance of situational awareness, conflict resolution, and credible threats.

How We Help Government Agencies Improve Workplace Communication

The most effective way to improve communication is by giving your employees the tools to handle conflict when it arises. We empower your employees with the skills to handle conflict confidently. Your employees are taught skills that will help them understand how they currently feel, think, and react to conflict. They will learn to actively listen, read body language, and one of my favorites, word choices.

Word choices matter in conflict situations and it is important to be aware of the words you use or do not use. They can have an effect on the outcome of the conflict.

This invaluable training can be provided directly in your office or virtually.


“When talking to someone who is upset your tone of voice and giving them space can help the situation.”

Arizona Industrial Commission

How We Help Government Agencies Prevent Workplace Violence

To prevent workplace violence, you need to know what to look for, what behaviors are of concern and what you can do when you see these behaviors. In addition, have sound workplace violence policies, that clearly state what behaviors/actions are not tolerated by the agency. We teach your employees how to recognize Behaviors of Concern, and what they can do once they see these behaviors in the workplace. We help your agency by reviewing workplace violence policies to make sure that they are clear with what behaviors/actions are not tolerated in the workplace.