WHAT WE DO: We help medium to large businesses keep top talent, improve profitability, and increase customer satisfaction by providing Conflict Resolution Training and Workplace Violence Prevention Services

When we are taught about customer service, we are explained to greet the customer, make eye contact, and to make the customer happy. We might also be told that when the customer is upset to handle the problem by actively listening and not to forget to show empathy. What is Active Listening and how do I know if I am doing it correctly? More importantly, how do I accomplish both at the same time?

Our conflict resolution course teaches you not only about Active Listening, it gives you the tools to truly understand the back story about conflict, which is key when dealing with upset customers. Another great benefit of this course is that the skills learned help supervisors/managers with employees that are upset. The result is a more effective way of handling the situation.

As you can see, investing in your employees by providing this training, will prepare them to take on leadership roles when the time is right. This, in turn, is an investment for yourself and your company and the future that is yet to come.